Yate United FC
Chairmans AGM Report 2019/2020

From what was a normal start to the season, became the most unprecedented times we have ever faced in our lives and of Grassroots football and I don’t just mean the weather.

The sudden stop to training and matches came as a huge shock to us all and has certainly left a huge void in our club members lives.

If you all consider, right now we should be enjoying the second presentation evening, celebrating our players, teams and individual achievements. Can I take this moment to give a huge thank you to David Hinton who is working tirelessly to ensure our awards are still able to be presented for this season (of which dates still to be decided?)

It has been great, that as a club we have been able to support the local food bank and I have seen many Managers posting positive messages to their players via Social Media.

Yate United has and always will be part of the community in away a family.

It is essential that we keep the children’s love of football at the forefront and ensure that they are part of Yate United going forward.

It was a difficult, but entirely correct decision to cancel this year’s tournament and a huge thank you goes out to Jenny Ford, for all her hard work to the point of the cancellation. On a positive note, a huge number of teams have taken the decision to defer their places, for the tournament, for 2021. Already a huge positive for next year.

My appreciation goes out to all the Committee Members, Managers and Coaches for their commitment to the club. Without their efforts, this club would not be what it is. This coming season will see a number of key Committee Members stepping down, after many years of hard work. Continuity is key to a successful Management team and we will be looking for people to step into their shoes when they step down.

Also a special mention to those Under 16 teams, who have been unable to finish their final season with the club. Once we are back to some kind of normality, I will ensure they receive the send off they deserve.

Already we have positive news and some teams have already planned to return to training and a massive thank you for everyone working behind the scenes to make this happen.

Links are being forged to work closer with YOSC and only this week has seen the delivery of our new lock up, fully owned by the club and a thank you to James Gay for organising.

From now on, I see you all as pivotal, to success and future of the club. We all need to work hard to ensure our teams keep going into next season and secure the foundations of Yate United for next season and many seasons to come.

Next year is our 50th Anniversary, let’s ensure it is a great one and our club goes from strength to strength.

I have been and will always be proud to be a member and Chairman of Yate United.

Yours in football

Ricky Gray