Manager: Ian Ferris

Joined: 2018

Coaching certificates: FA Level One

Assistant coaches: Andy Long

Why I became a coach: I have been involved in football from a young age and still continue to manage and play on a Saturday afternoon which I love but it's very hard work and it's very much a thankless task. My eldest son was interested also in football from a young age as was my daughter and Yate United FC gave them both the opportunity to play in the same team for a local club, develop their individual skills, confidence and social interactions and this was so exciting for me so along with the other coaches involved I just wanted to be part of their journey alongside them and help them as much as possible as well as the rest of the players at the club by sharing my time, knowledge and experiences gained over the years through playing and managing as well as equally using this opportunity coaching the boys & girls to help develop my personal skills which I can look to transfer into the adult game.

Why I remain a coach: Football is my passion, my love, my life..... For me when I see players enjoying it, having fun, trying their best and wanting to learn and improve you cannot ask for any more as a coach or as a parent and to be given the opportunity/responsibility to help them achieve this is a privilege.

Proudest moment: Just to see the players enjoying it and improving no matter how big or small that may be makes everything we do 100% worthwhile. Every time we step out to the field we are a team, we play, win, lose and draw together no matter the outcome! The players know, understand and value this and for that I cannot be any prouder.

Hopes for the club: I would love to see the boys stay together through the age groups and to continue their progression both on and off the field as footballers and people and be the best they can be forging great lifelong friendships and acquaintances along the way. Who knows would be great to think we could even make it through to adults football together and form an official Yate United FC team with maybe even a few of the Yate United FC coaches involved on the other side of the line and play alongside the boys!

Inspirational quote: A simple one but couldn't be any more true: 'Team work makes the dream work'

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