Manager: Anthony Wingrove

Joined: 2016

Coaching certificates: FA Level One

Assistant coaches: Adrian Henley, Steve Attwood, Alex Litten and Stuart Millard

Why I became a coach: I’ve always had a love of football and played from my early teens through to my 30’s. When my son showed an interest in playing I jumped at the chance of supporting from the sidelines. Running a team takes a lot of work and more help was needed so I took my FA level 1, joined the coaching team and haven’t looked back.

Why I remain a coach: Football brings children together that wouldn’t ordinarily be friends and builds friendships for life. It’s great seeing them improve, grow with confidence and work together.

Proudest moment: When the whistle blew on the last game of the season and the team were the well deserved winners of division 6 of the AYL league

Hopes for the club: I would love for the club to get its own home ground and facilities.

Inspirational quote: The best decisions aren’t made with your mind, but with your instinct.

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